Pikes Peak Christian Church is hiring! 

Job Title:  Evening Facility Technician
Department/Ministry:  Campus & Facilities Ministry
Pay Rate:  $12.32 per hour

Reports to:  Director of Campus & Facilities

Hours:  20 Hours per week

Position Summary:  Responsible for assisting the Director of Campus & Facilities in creating, promoting, maintaining, and securing the facilities and grounds as well as assisting in the ministry environments of Pikes Peak Christian Church. This will be done by ensuring that campus and ministry areas are safe, properly resourced, maintained, and culturally relevant.


Scope of Responsibility:  

Responsible for being available while ministry groups are in session; available for opening rooms and exterior doors for scheduled classes. Responsible for light cleaning that will be assigned by Campus Director Tuesday – Friday. Responsible for being sure that each ministry group cleans up after their session. Responsible for being the “last person out”. Turning off lights, and thermostats, closing and locking doors and windows. Greeting guests and being the Point of Contact for general needs for meetings or events. Available on Sunday morning to be the (go-to person for facilities) and be available for minor cleaning, restocking, and repairs as needed during services. After services, be responsible for dumping trash and checking to ensure the building is secure and all lights and water are off and thermostats are set to the proper temperature, and do minor cleaning where needed.



Communicate with the staff, Director of Campus & Facilities, congregation, ministry partners, outside vendors, and community using clear, concise, and professional vocabulary with God honoring and people treasuring oral and written communication skills.


Minor Responsibilities & Duties:

Able to perform general custodial duties including:   

o   Sweeping

o   Mopping

o   Vacuuming and

o   General cleaning duties


•       Conduct oneself in a grace-saturated, professional, high integrity, and ethical manner that is above           reproach and at peace with all men/women as defined in Romans 12.

•       Work weekends, holidays, and outside of ‘normal’ business hours.

•       Perform other duties as assigned.



•       Active, growing and consistent relationship with Jesus Christ that is daily exhibited by the “Fruits of              the Spirit” of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.          (Galatians 5:22-23)

•       Able to recruit, develop, care for, mentor, and lead volunteers, staff, and peer leaders.

•       Able to show initiative.

•       Must possess oral and written communication, time management, and organizational skills.

•       Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

•       Able to handle confidential information with professionalism, integrity, and absolute security.

•       A teachable, cheerful, servant oriented and grace-filled attitude.


Physical & Mental Demands:

o  Must have general computer skills including:

o   Working knowledge of Email.

o  Be able to input hours into payroll.

o  Must be able to learn church software.

o  Proven ability to remove snow, lift 40 lbs. or more, vacuum, be on feet, and other labor-intensive activities necessary to maintain the grounds or building of a modern campus.


Must be friendly and helpful to guests and members. Ability to work under high pressure and time-sensitive situations with grace, compassion and integrity.