Pikes Peak Christian Church is hiring! 

Job Title:  Evening Facility & Ground Technician
Department/Ministry:  Facilities Ministry

Reports to:  Facilities Director

Hours:  15.5 Hours per Week (Part-Time)

Position Summary:  Responsible for assisting the Director of Facilities in creating, promoting, maintaining, and securing the facilities and grounds as well as assisting in the ministry environments of Pikes Peak Christian Church. This will be done by ensuring that campus and ministry areas are safe, properly resourced, maintained, and culturally relevant.


Scope of Responsibility:  

✅ Responsible for being available while ministry groups are in session.

✅ Needs to be available for opening rooms and exterior doors for scheduled classes.

✅ Responsible for light cleaning that will be assigned by Facilities Director Tuesday through Thursday (5:30-9:00 pm).

✅ Responsible for being sure that each ministry group cleans up after their session.

✅ Responsible for being “last person out,” turning off lights, and thermostats, closing and locking doors and windows.

✅ Greeting guests and being a Point of Contact for general needs for meetings or events.

✅ Available on Sunday morning to be the “Go-to person” for facilities and be available for minor cleaning, restocking, and repairs as needed during services (8:00 am – 1:00 pm). Attending one service is required.

✅ After services, this person is responsible for dumping trash and checking to make sure the building is secure all lights and water are off and thermostats are set to the proper temperature, locking all doors, and doing minor cleaning where needed.

✅ Able to perform general custodial duties to include:

- Sweeping

- Mopping

- Vacuuming

- General cleaning duties


✅ Must be able to show initiative.

✅ Work weekends, holidays, and outside of ‘normal’ business hours.

✅ Perform other duties as assigned.


Scope of Evening Responsibilities (Summer Semester):

✅ Must have a general working knowledge of building repairs to include:

- Painting

- Minor plumbing

- Minor electrical


✅ Must be able to perform outside maintenance to include:

- Mowing

- General Landscaping

- Trimming

- Maintaining flower beds

- Using lawn equipment 

■   Lawn Mower

■   Rotor tiller

■   Weed eater

■   Edger


Skills/Experienced Needed:

o Proven ability to remove snow, vacuum, be on feet, and other labor-intensive activities necessary to maintain the grounds or buildings on campus.

o Must have general computer skills to include: 

- Working knowledge of e-mail

- Be able to input hours into payroll

- Must be able to learn church software

o Must have a teachable spirit/attitude.

o Ability to work independently and in a team environment.

o Able to multi-task, problem-solve, and adapt under pressure.

o Has a shepherd’s heart that cares deeply for teammates, volunteers, members, and guests.

o Able to lead teams and volunteer leaders with creativity and collaboratively.

o Strong organizational and communication skills (verbal and written).

o Able to manage time effectively while working with many interruptions.

o Able to show others compassion, grace, and mercy and pray with them.

o Able to be trusted with confidential information.


Key Qualities:

✅ Must be a baptized believer in Christ who fully supports the ministry of Pikes Peak Christian Church. 

✅ Humility: Thinks of others more than self and thinks of God most of all.

✅ Honesty: Willing to speak truthfully to one another and admit personal failures.

✅ Harmony: Works toward maintaining unity in staff relationships, refusing to participate in gossip, and protecting confidential information.

✅ Honor: Speaks well of those in leadership and supports their ministry.

✅ Hunger: An active member of Pikes Peak Christian Church and devoted to spiritual disciplines, such as Bible study, fellowship, prayer, giving, and serving.

✅ Hard Work: Sets an example by putting forth a good effort for the work of God’s Kingdom.

✅ Humor: Able to laugh at oneself and laugh with others.


Physical & Mental Demands:

o Must frequently lift and/or move up to 40-50 pounds.

o Must have the ability to handle high-pressure and time-sensitive situations with grace and integrity.


Must be friendly and helpful to guests and members. Ability to work under high pressure and time-sensitive situations with grace, compassion, and integrity.