Free Financial Peace University Classes

On Thursday, September 7th @ Pikes Peak Christian Church we are hosting our semi-annual Financial Peace University...


✅ Free Classes
✅ Free Ramsey+ for a year
✅ Free Tax Filing Software
✅ Free Budgeting App
✅ Free Access to Financial Planning Experts
✅ Support


Pikes Peak Christian Church has made it possible for you to take this class and others for free AND have access to Ramsey+ for a year!


Contact Warren Wells for the details.


Have you been looking for a way to finally get on top of your money? This. Is. Your. Time.


Just click the button below to join my Financial Peace University class starting on Thursday, September 7, 2023, at 4955 Bradley Rd.


Make today the day you decide to own your money—not the other way around. You've got this!


Come out to Pikes Peak Christian Church on Thursday, September 7th @ 6:30 pm. Free childcare included with registration.

This class is 100% FREE and open to the public!

All we ask is that you register below so that we can save a spot for your kids! 


Contact Warren Wells if you want ALL THE FREE STUFF!


So register now and I’ll see you on Thursday, September 7th at 6:30 pm...


Thursday, Sept. 7 @ 6:30 pm


✅ Free Classes
✅ Free Ramsey+ for a year
✅ Free Tax Filing Software
✅ Free Budgeting App
✅ Free Access to Financial Planning Experts
✅ Support


Thursdays @ 6:30 pm


4955 Bradley Rd,

Colorado Springs, CO 80911

(719) 392-9061

Three reasons you’re not where you want to be:

  You think you’re doing “okay.”


   You think you’ve heard all this before.


   You won’t invest in yourself.

No Awkward First Class

Here’s the deal…


We do things a little differently around here…


We know it can be a little weird or even awkward attending a class for the first time, especially if you don't attend church…


That’s why we created Preview Night.


When you show up for Preview Night, we'll...


show you where to go

✅ help you get your kids checked in

✅ introduce you around to a few people


Remember, contact Warren Wells so that you can get ALL THE FREE STUFF!


Pretty crazy idea, right?


Will you come hang out with us on September 7th?


Just click on the button below!

Will You Come To The Financial Peace University Class September 7?

Claim Your Free Class Now

You can’t afford not to do this.


Stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result. FPU gives you everything you need to start winning with money:


✅ All nine classes
✅ 12 months of premium access to the EveryDollar budgeting app
A year of financial coaching
✅ Fully editable digital workbook
Interactive support tools and calculators


Register for Financial Peace now and start changing your family tree from the moment you step foot on campus...

No judgment.


It's okay no matter how little or how much debt you've accrued.


Come as you are. 


It's okay no matter what your finances look like.


We just want to meet you :)

Warren Wells, Finacial Coach

Hi, my name is Warren.


My wife LaVonne and I have attended Pikes Peak Christian Church since 2017. I was in the Army from 1985-2005, and then worked as an Air Force civilian retiring in October of 2020. Not wanting to be “fully retired” I completed the Ramsey Solutions Financial Master Coach Training and want to use my financial counselor/coaching experience to assist people who need some help with their finances--people like YOU.


Who is Financial Peace University for? Anyone and everyone! Whether you’re trying to get out of debt or save for retirement, you’ll learn God’s and Grandma’s ways of handling money. No matter where you are in your financial journey, Financial Peace University helps you reach your goals faster.





What's included?

Ever feel like being part of a family is an uphill battle? Between drama and disagreements, it's easy to want to give up the fight. But don't give up - family is worth fighting for. 

Military Program

Are you active or retired military? The military program Dave Ramsey developed for YOU is now a part of Financial Peace University here at Pikes Peak Christian Church. You no longer have to attend a special course. You can join us!

Millions of Lives Saved

There's freedom on the other
side of debt. You don't have to
live like everyone else. I wanted
something different
for my family.

Your kids are going to love it here...


Free Childcare!


 Fun Activities

 Engaging Music

 Bible Lessons


 Small Ratios

 Safety is #1


Where was that when we were kids, haha! All of our volunteers are background-checked and experienced in childcare. 


Just click on the button below to tell us you're coming...