2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV) says, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Have you heard us cheering at offering time on Sundays? Tithing means you’re being obedient to God, so you should give without expecting anything in return. Giving encourages a grateful and generous spirit and can help steer us away from being greedy or loving money too much. 

How much to give?

God’s Word calls us to obediently “tithe” (give 10%) of what He gives us, to do His kingdom work. “Offerings” given to God are gifts above and beyond our tithes. Tithes and offerings are vital to the health of Our Church and provide for all the areas of ministry and outreach.

OUR GOAL IS 100% PARTICIPATION in giving to God's Kingdom.


That might mean being lavishly generous or simply sacrificial…like sacrificing a fast food meal once a week and giving that cost to the General Fund. What you give should be decided between you and God, and ask that you give in some way from a worshipful heart.

We are asking that you prayerfully support and sacrificially give to fulfill God’s vision for the future of His church. Come along side and be part of the next phase of our miraculous story, and prepare to be blessed!

If texting is your jam, text “Give” to (719) 496-4452 and follow prompts.

If you have the Church Center App installed, open it and click "Give". Click here to install it.

If Apple Pay is your jam, open the Church Center App and click "Give"

If you prefer a check, please write it out to "PPCC" and note "General Fund" in the memo line

YES! We accept cash. Simply drop it in an envelope and put it in the black tithe boxes.



Do you shop on Amazon? Did you know if you click this link first, Amazon will give Pikes Peak Christian Church free money based on how much you spend? That goes right into our general fund!



Have you seen the beautiful remodel in the NextGen wing? Or the ministry support building outside? Phase 1 of Immeasurable Impact is complete and now we need to fund Phase 2. We will complete the finishing of the basement so adult classes can flourish. The bible says to owe no man nothing but to love, and that is what Pikes Peak Christian Church has set our hearts to do!



Pikes Peak Christian Church is involved in numerous mission groups around the community, nation and entire world. Our heart truly goes out to the people of the world and your gift makes a big difference. 10% of our yearly budget goes directly to the mission field.

Want to Give Online?

Give online to avoid the hassle of filling out a check or goin to the bank! Just a couple clicks and you are good to go. Click the button to give.