SHINE MINISTRY- Enrollment is OPEN for children with special needs.


Jeremy and Dana Shaffer are the amazing leaders of SHINE and can be reached at

Every Sunday during the 9:15 & 11am Services  |  4955 Bradley Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80911

What is the Shine Ministry?

Shine is our official children's ministry for children with special needs. We are so excited to re-introduce this ministry with a whole new style.


There is an enrollment process to ensure we effectively pair our children with the right buddy. Our buddies came with the heart to serve our children and we have been working hard to ensure a seamless entry into the program for our children and their families. We have a huge vision for this ministry. Stop and visit our KIDMIN team in the foyer and ask about SHINE or feel free to reach out to us with any questions at

- Jeremy and Dana Shaffer